Fresh Drinking Water

Now this is one of the biggest areas that needs help, its appalling that children and adults are dying daily from the simple lack of clean safe drinking water. 

Drink Related Products.

When we sell a drink related product a 1.5 Litre bottle of water will be donated by the company on the customers behalf for every UK Pound spent on ANY drink related product. So for example if the purchase was a £9.99 Coffee Mug then 10 x 1.5 Litres of bottled drinking water would be given to those that need it.  

Types of Products.

Bottled water, fruit concentrates and juices, cocktail menu books, water filters and pumps etc.

Good Deed Items

The serious need for water makes us for this category run everything based on supplying drinking water to the tune of 1.5 Liter for every UK Pound spent in the ItPays2Drink product range.

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