Health Products.

We aim to find the best natural health products.

We are looking at making Moringa Leaf Powder our core line product for the ItPays2BeHealthy product range. There is so much information online about this natural miracle tree that contains many different vitamins,  nutrients and antioxidants that I will for now leave you to do your own research on what the benefits of using this plant are.

We are looking at mainly using it in the powder form and not taking it by capsule form  as I am not a fan of popping tablets and I would much rather use it as an ingredient in my food. I personally add some to my yogurt each morning and I also mix it in with my tuna and mayo sandwich  or egg and mayo fillings. 

Other products from this range will also include items such as Mosquito nets, repellents and creams etc. 

Good Deed Items and Projects.

A Good Deed Item will be given to an individual child/person in need, a project is where we work on helping support a larger group such as an orphanage or street kid charity.

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The Moringa Plant

The Moringa Flower

The Leaves and Pods

The Leaves Ground to Powder

Moringa Tea

Moringa Smoothies

Moringa Oil

Serving Suggestions

Sprinkle on Pizza

Add to Egg Rolls

Stir into Stews